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Health is Wealth: Weekly Dose of Holistic Thought

Feb 12, 2019

1) Elderberry - Brand we use at home

2) Oil of Oregano

3) Infrared Sauna - Clearlight & Sunlighten

4) Chiropractic Adjustments

5) Nutritionist -

6) DoTerra - OnGuard

7) KOR -

8) Bone...

Feb 5, 2019

1) Increase Foot Arches: 

    * Short Foot Exercise
    * Take your shoes off inside

2) Increase Ankle Mobility: 

    * Resistance Band Foot Push/Pull
    * Lacrosse Ball on Calf

3) Tight Quads/TFL: 

    * Couch Stretch (Hold 60 seconds) 
    * Foam Roll Quads

4) Hip Alignment: 

    * Visit a Corrective Chiropractic 


Jan 23, 2019

Kelley Sibley, founder of Bamboo Juices shares her strategies towards living your best life while incorporating juicing. See below for show notes: 

Bamboo Juice: Code healthiswealth2019 for a free elixir. 

Dr. Gerson's Work

Link to Serenbe

Medical Medium...

Jan 15, 2019

For 10 days, I had tennis elbow and did my "tendonitis routine" in order to get rid of it without relying on ibuprofen or cortisone shots. I was able to get rid of the tendonitis by using the following strategies and the inflammation went away within less than 2 weeks: 

1) Mix peppermint oil & coconut oil

2) Incorporate...