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Health is Wealth: Weekly Dose of Holistic Thought

Jun 30, 2019

3 Lessons From Lunch with Prince Ea:

Present Time Consciousness: We arrived to a Cuban restaurant for lunch at 12:35 pm and left lunch at 2:30 pm. Within the 2 hour lunch window Prince never touched his phone or even took it out of his pocket to check social media, e-mails, texts, or any other channel. For literally 2...

Jun 6, 2019

I have told many people in 2020, I plan to commit to Kokoro and complete the ultimate challenge. 

I interview Ryan Hewitt who graduated from Kokoro 43 and has some of the strongest mental attributes of most people I know. 


Ryan shares his journey through training for competitions as well his experience at...

May 5, 2019



2) Siete Chips instead of Lays

3) - Cinnamon rolls/desserts

4) Made Good - Cookies and granola

5) Wild Made - Fruit toll ups

6) Pizza - Capella's


1) Springboard (FloraBoost)

2) Childlife Vitamin C

3) Elderberry Syrup


Jan 15, 2019

For 10 days, I had tennis elbow and did my "tendonitis routine" in order to get rid of it without relying on ibuprofen or cortisone shots. I was able to get rid of the tendonitis by using the following strategies and the inflammation went away within less than 2 weeks: 

1) Mix peppermint oil & coconut oil

2) Incorporate...