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Health is Wealth: Weekly Dose of Holistic Thought

Jun 30, 2019

3 Lessons From Lunch with Prince Ea:

Present Time Consciousness: We arrived to a Cuban restaurant for lunch at 12:35 pm and left lunch at 2:30 pm. Within the 2 hour lunch window Prince never touched his phone or even took it out of his pocket to check social media, e-mails, texts, or any other channel. For literally 2 hours, he sat there and enjoyed the food, conversations, and company of our Corrective team without having a distraction from technology. For someone who has 40 million followers on FB and 2 million IG followers you’d think he would have checked or even had a glance to see what is happening with his business but for 2 hours he stayed in the present and not once touched his phone.

Oneness: On the drive back to the seminar he and I were attending, I asked him with everything going on in the World, what needs to change for us to grow. His answer was simple yet profound: Oneness. What that meant to him is all of us are one and if we could look past our religions, races, sizes, or any other differential we could work together as a community and bring peace to the World. I told him how it’s fascinating how I watch my kids interact with white, black, asian, jewish, christian, muslim, tall, short, small, and large but never judge nor see what’s on the inside but always see people for people and who they are inside.

Being More Than Haves: A concept I feel fortunate to have grasped early on was the one of ‘being’ first before you ‘do’ anything and ultimately you can ‘have’ what you want. He described how we live in a World of everything wanting to ‘have’ everything such as fancy cars, houses, etc but we forget we are a Human Beings first. What we ‘have’ does not define who we are but it is our ‘being’ that defines us. In a World where everyone compares to one another and always try to one up, it’s important to ask ‘why do I want that’ or ‘how does it serve me’. Is it bad to have things? Not at all! What is bad is by thinking ‘things’ create happiness as we all know lots of people with tons of ‘thing’s’ and lots of ‘haves’ but never can find their own inner happiness. He says “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives”. Powerful!

Big shoutout to @prince_ea for the great lunch and looking forward to more connection and calling you a friend. Hope to connect in LA!

Check him out on FB, IG, and watch some videos.